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The needs and requirements of investors are always changing as their life changes. Whether it is through age, politics or personal circumstance. Our team of researchers is staffed with well experienced highly skilled professionals. Who conduct research beyond that of your local investment advisor. We look into more than just how a company is performing, we go deep into the history, management structure, and fundamentals of companies all over the world, who we have decided to be undervalued and this enables us to make a higher return for our clients. Our team of researchers work with both internal and external parties to confirm the information they have gathered is both accurate and timely. Since our client base is so diverse, and their risk tolerance and needs differ in such a large way our research team has become a very large force that efficiently calculates the next move for our Portfolio managers. Since our establishment in the early 2000’s we have known how important it is to have accurate information when we need it, that is why we have made sure that our research teams around the world have had the necessary funding to do the best for our company, and more importantly the clients that we work with.

The team has been comprised of portfolio managers, renowned analysts and many other financial professionals which gives us an edge over the competition. We understand that the markets are always changing and we have structured our research team so they know what to look for.

The Value of Our Research Department:

• As the markets are continually changing, and becoming increasingly more complex, we know how important our researchers are to our clients. We provide our clients with direct access to information that has been confirmed by our research team so they can see exactly what is happening with their portfolios at any given moment.
• Being an international financial institution with a huge network of resources, we have access to thousands of global research specialists. This in itself enables our team to focus on investment opportunities’ in markets all around the world that we can present with our clients who wish to minimize risk, and maximize their returns.
• With a local broker, you are relying on a small team of people, who gather their own information and do their own research, with Syracuse Group you can rely on the minds of hundreds of individuals all who are experienced in the finance industry. This increases the accuracy and power of our information, which assists us in helping you reach your goals when you want to achieve them.

Equity Research Department

• Over 200 years of experience in the finance industry between the team.
• Backed by one of the largest research teams globally, with a network of information.
• Globally sourced information enabling you to have access to markets your local broker cannot provide you
• Cover both traditional investment opportunities’ and alternatives investment strategies.

Alternatives Investment Department

• Decades of experience dealing with alternative investment strategies’
• Annually researching over 500 different companies and platforms which give our clients one of the most extensive choices when it comes to their portfolios
• A diverse range of investments that can suit almost any investor

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