Syracuse Group is always on the lookout for bright, young motivated people to join our team. Here at our headquarters in Hong Kong we make sure that every member of our team is comfortable and has the ability to progress. The one key part of working with us at Syracuse Group is that we all share the same goals, and that is client satisfaction always comes first. We have built our reputation over many years and seen some of the brightest minds in the finance industry walk through our door for the fantastic benefits you receive while working with us.

We are always happy to welcome more people to our team, if you are as passionate as we are and are looking for employment in one of these roles, please reach out to us. We will always keep applications and enquiries in the strictest of confidence.

Experienced Financial advisers:

Established advisors with a background in personal wealth management, or corporate management, who are looking to expand on their clientele and further themselves in the finance industry.

Trainee Advisers:

Our advisors here at Syracuse Group are always happy to share their knowledge and pass on their experience in the financial sector. If you are just trying to find your feet in the finance world, we are always happy to bring you on board and teach you the ins and outs of the markets. (You must hold a degree in finance.)

Administrative and Support Staff:

A very important part of our day to day business is our support team. For those who feel they can always give 100% and provide excellent service for our clients, and our team of advisors. We are always looking for positive motivated people to fill the roles of, client liaison officers, office administration, client service managers, broker assistants and more. Please contact us today to see if we have a role that would suit you to join our team.

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