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Since our establishment in 2003 we at Syracuse Group have created a strong foundation with our roots in Hong Kong with a large international portfolio of clients. The group also has a substantial international presence with offices in over 54 countries worldwide. Since our inception we have taken lead with very strong client orientated principles. We believe that at the heart of every decision we make the clients should always come first. That is why we have been commended by our clients as one of the best financial institutions in Asia for the last 10 years. Syracuse Group offers a wide range of financial solutions to their clients, which are individually made to suit their needs. In addition to financial advice we also offer banking services to institutions and clients, in addition we can offer: asset management, wealth advisory, and investment banking. We provide our services to our clients through our multi-channel capabilities, including in our offices, through electronic mail, telephone and more, this enables us to deliver a seamless customer experience, which they will remember and pass on.

Our Vision

Our vision has been the same since our founders created Syracuse Group. We strive to be the leading and most trusted full service financial company in Asia, a company you can rely on to give you the advice you need, when you need it.

Our Mission

Our mission which has been instilled in each and every one of our employees is threefold:
1. To build and improve on long lasting client relationships by offering tailor made investment advice to each client, and supply them with our exceptional service;
2. To be the financial services provider of choice, for leading institutions and small businesses alike.
3. To efficiently manage risk and costs of our clients’ portfolios.

In doing this, our goal is to achieve a sustainable and strong business model, for our shareholders, and to meet and go beyond the expectations of new and existing clients. We have spent the last 15 years developing key strategies that will assist our team with fulfilling our mission.

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