Institutional Trading

Syracuse Group has a team that has been composed of some of Asia’s leading talent. Our focus is providing un-beatable expertise and advise that has application both domestically and internationally.

Retail Trading

Syracuse Group offers the same level of quality to both our individual investors and our large institutional clients. Our team here at Syracuse Group focus on enabling our clients...

Portfolio Management

Syracuse Group portfolio management team, specializes in offering customized portfolio options for each individual client. We pride ourselves on our ability to find out your goals and desires...

Welcome to Syracuse Group

We are a full service financial advisory firm located in Hong Kong that prides itself on its ‘clients come first’ belief. Our team of advisors here at Syracuse Group take the time to get to know you, so that we can plan and execute a strategy that is right for you. We understand that building a solid foundation for your financial security and future is what many don’t have the time to do, which is why they come to us.

Syracuse Group has established itself as a leader in forward thinking investment opportunities that have shown our clients consistent returns for the last decade. Being a full service brokerage we offer our clients a wide array of services from portfolio management through to corporate advisory. We are always looking to enhance the services we provide for our clients with our research and training programs.

Syracuse Group Believes that our strength, is based on our years of experience in the financial sector, and the team of advisors who have over 200 years’ experience between them. We know that your needs are always changing, so we create a plan and portfolio that can change as your circumstances do. To find out more about the services we can provide and how we can assist you (click here)

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